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2003 Outdoor Display

First Story/Yard

  • 1.5 strands of C7 clear lights (37 bulbs) clipped to outline the house


  • Polar Bears (momma and baby) - rope light
  • 5 white pine trees lining the property lit in solid colors - 2 red, 1 blue, 1 orange, 1 green - 7 strands of C7 lights (175 bulbs).  Trees are on a computerized controller to perform 18 different light shows.  Rope light stars (below) are also tied into the controller.
  • Rope Light Stars - 2 sets of 5 stars each in 5 colors (red, blue, white, yellow, green)
  • Santa in Sleigh with 2 Reindeer - 3 separate rope light figures
  • Frosty Skating on a Pond - motion rope light figure "skating" on a pond created with 2 blue rope light strands to form the outer edges of the "pond" and 3 - 200 light strands of twinkling lights to form the "ice".
  • Toy Train - 2 part rope light train lit with multiple colors.
  • Snowman Tipping Hat - motion rope light
  • Christmas Tree w/ Presents - Multi color rope light tree with holographic backing.  2 separate rope light presents - blue/gold and red/green placed in front of the tree.
  • Toy Soldiers (2) - multi color rope light figures placed one each at each side of the driveway.
  • 3 strands of C7 clear lights (75 bulbs) lining the driveway  and front of the property, attached to the ground with light stakes
  • 7 trees in front of the house lit in solid colors (2 blue, 2 red, 2 green, 1 orange) with 7 strands of C7 lights (175 bulbs)
  • Garland on front porch - Lit with twinkling lights with covers made to look similar to c7 bulbs
  • 4 candles in front and side windows with 4 c7 bulbs
  • 2 small wreaths on front facing windows

Second Story


  • Just shy of 2 strands of C7 clear lights (43 bulbs) clipped to outline the house
  • Santa Climbing Ladder - multi color motion rope light
  • 4 Foot Wreath lit with 1 strand of clear c7 lights (25 bulbs)

Second Floor:

  • 4 candles in front facing windows with 4 c7 bulbs
  • 4 small wreaths on front facing windows

The Backbone


  • X10 Controlled candles using HomeSeer home automation program.  Candles turn on at dusk and off at 11pm.

  • X10 Controlled 4 Foot Wreath, Santa Climbing Ladder & 2nd Story Roof Lights

  • Digital Decorating Instant Light Show - Programmable for different light shows, including cascading, chasing, flashing, fading.  Each 60-second show cycle is followed by 30 seconds of steady-on lights. Photocell timer allows you to set the light show from dusk to dawn or on hourly settings.  Operates 5 solid lit trees and 1 tree with rope light stars.

  • 4 photo electric timers set to turn on at dusk and turn off 6 hours later control the rest of the remaining lights



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